Engineers Pump & Hydraulics Calculator

Wildland Hydraulics Installer  Version 24C for 2023

The Engineers Pumping Calculator is an Excel workbook that has 5 sheets. All sheets are fully functional in the Trial Mode (7 days) and you simply input the required numbers you’re working with in the field. The Spreadsheet Automates the Calculations for you. The Spreadsheet allows you to perform all of the functions contained in the Engineers Q-Ref.

The term “Multi Leg” means, for example; you have a 16,000-foot hoselay (or longer), and within that distance are several up and downhill areas with varying elevations and distances in between. For each of these sections, you enter in each section’s distance, and elevation, along with the flow demand, and hose diameters. The spreadsheet will calculate the head pressures, and friction losses, and then sum up all of the legs for the total Engine Pressure (PDP) required. This allows you to plan out for relay pumping operations, or stage pump operations very quickly. 

Yes you can use this for Mark 3 pumps provided you pay attention to the pump curve limits or review the PDF “Understanding the Capacities of the Mark III Pump” 

Best of all the Excel spreadsheets are NOT pump-specific since the fire ground pump calculations are based on head, flow demand, distances, and hose sizes, the pump type is not essential. However, knowing your pump’s performance curve IS essential to making sure you can perform the task in front of you.

Follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the “Hydraulics Calculator & Booklets” link on the main page.

Allowable to install on 3 PCs or Windows tablets/laptops etc., with a single purchase and renews annually and you have free updates and support for as long as you keep it. Email us your computer IDs (used for anti-piracy) when prompted and we’ll email the registration keys. Comes with a 22 page PDF Manual inside the zip file.

Renewal Prices:

1-3 PCs/Windows tablets annually  $32.50

6-12 PCs/Windows tablets annual    $106.00 (Renews at the cost of 8 PC’s instead of 12).



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