Wildland Apparatus Engineers, Test

Test is being “Re-Developed” as of 12-14-2023


This test is comprised of 9 scenarios and 73 questions. Contains 3 Simple Hoselay problems, 3 Progressive Hoselay problems, 1 Remote SEAT Base problem, 1 Remote Helicopter Dip Site problem, which contains a Relay Pumping Operation and incident within the Relay Operation.

Passing requires a 85% on all combined work.  This is Not an electronic test. You are required to download the Test and work the problems. You must show all work and then scan/email those results back to us for credit.

The Fee includes an electronic copy of the Q-Ref and the mailing of your Certificate and allows for you to have an additional re-test at NO CHARGE. A Retest fee of $45.00 will be assessed after the 2nd failed attempt.  Results can usually be expected within 24hrs. This is being graded by a real person and will be reading your answers. Write Legibly!

Joseph Moylan


Please see the About me link on the wildfireengineer.com website.

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