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A trial version of an Excel based, Engineers Hydraulics calculator is available here:  Wildland Hydraulics Installer. This is a zip file and after unzipping the zip file is a self installing executable.  This Trial is the same V24C 2023 updated version in the store section. 

The installer will install two files

The file may flag on your download because the spreadsheet is compiled as a executable. Or when you start to run it, simply continue the download and follow instructions. The installer will install the 2 files , into your MyDocument’s directory as well as install an uninstall link in the start menu. There is even an  internet link in the start menu as well to reach this website. 

If you are charged, in the wildland fire environment with maintaining a Water Supply Infrastructure, this will significantly speed up your calculation process!

If you see the two windows pop up boxes (pictured below) displayed, and keeping the download from continuing, simply follow these instructions and continue opening.  A screen shot below, as it looked on my Win10 laptop, simply click on the More Info link, then click on the bottom right that says Run Anyway:




[3-31-23]: Malwarebytes whitelists FireBridgeCalc4C.exe, you can view the thread that I am the Staff had on the review of the file because my own Malwarbytes antivirus scanner flagged it. I sent them a copy of the file, and it was to be whitelisted. You can view the entire thread of that conversation here: 

The FireBridge Spreadsheet, however, is temporarily removed from the store page. We are updating an element within it involving coverage levels.  One such element that caught our attention and currently being looked at is current coverage levels used vs what the fire actually demands and there appears to be a mismatch in current methods versus what we are calculating.

One of those is adding a data section that allows a person to enter in a coverage level, this then is compared to the coverage level the fire is demanding. This will then tell you the required drop rate (not width), to match the fires Btu output. This is then used to determine number of aircraft based upon user selection of drop speed and load size.  

Another element being worked in is an aspect that will allow for the calculation of aircraft based solely on water or retardant and then determine a total number of resources that would be required. 


Updated 2023 Edition. Lessons in Fire Hydraulics & Formulas w/Quick Reference.

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Chapter 1 is re edited to bring better clarity on specific and latent heats.

Chapter 2, is completely re written to provide better instruction on calculating heat absorption of water, but also discusses how to determine the heat being generated on a fire.

Chapter 6 & 7, are re edited with better instruction on head pressure and nozzle pressure.

Chapter 11 has a very minor re edit (drafting).

The Wildland Apparatus Engineer, Lessons in Fire Hydraulics & Formulas.

152 pages. 5.5" w x 8.5" h Wire Bound - Click on the images to view the topics covered!

Updated Features:

110lb Satin Covers

80lb Satin pages

Reference page numbers are updated to correspond to the Q-Ref within the book itself instead of a stand alone publication. Perfect for Contract Fire Engine Operators as well as Agency Operators. Have access to highly detailed Hydraulics information (compare to what is contained within the PMS-419 ENOP Hydraulics section).

If you need to setup:

Remote helicopter dip sites,

Provide for & calculate relay pumping operations as well as calculate the Engine spacing distances for relay operations, Calculate Tender Shuttle relay pumping operations including round trip times,

Determine how many water tenders are required to support a remote helicopter or SEAT base.

Standard Simple and Progressive hose lay calculations with examples,

Determine the travel time of water through a hose(critical when supplying helicopter dip sites via relay).

Calculate head pressures and calculate head based off of pressures showing on your pump panel.

Calculate the velocity of flow in a hose.

Shuttle Relays and Equivalent Flows in GPM.

Calculate the GPM discharge of an open butt or any nozzle (excellent for pump flow testing).

Drafting Calculations, and Engine Pressure formulas, Friction Loss determinations and mitigations.

This book will show you how to achieve it all and is based upon my 17 plus years of experience in the wildland field and compiled into book form. This information is Not found in any NWCG publication.

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