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Welcome to the Engineers Challenge. This is a challenge that is created to foster awareness and appreciation for just what a true Wildland Apparatus Engineer can and should be able to do as well as create a little competition among the Engine Crews etc. (The challenge will have 2022 attached to it, however, the map is barrowed from last year so you will see 2021 on the page).


The 2021 & 22 Engineers A Challenge for this years Academy is here:

The 2021 & 22 Engineers B Challenge for this year is    


The final rules: There is a Statement of Need (SoN), List of Available Resources (LAR) and a Statement of Non Deviation (SoND).


The B Challenge has a bit of a mix up but is essentially the same Challenge, but with an additional challenge inside the first one.

The SoN is that Operations , acting through Division, is wanting to put in a DIP Site to supply 4 helicopters at a predetermined location and then pump water to it.

Your LAR is that you have only 3 Type 3 Engines and 3 water Tenders.

Your SoND, is that you must provide a solution to the plan that Branch and Division have presented using only the available resources listed, and you can not deviate from this plan. The only exception to this rule is that of the Hose Size and number of sections to order to make the operation happen. You must perform the relay operation. This means you will specify the engine spacing as well. You cannot re direct how the helicopters are going to operate or perform their work.



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5 thoughts on “Engineers Challenge

  1. Okay, Sofar the first results are in, with Dockery leading at a 85.68% we’ll leave this up until the 17th, if no one else submits their results, we’ll have a WINNER on the Engineers Challenge.

    Good Job Thomas.


  2. Okay, got the first round from you. Also i re edited lesson 10, may wish to go view that. it may also help folks out there that are in need of setting up multiple dip tanks in one location for multiple helicopters.

    Engineers Make it Happen!

  3. Okay, I sent the answers. You can post only if it’s over a 50%. Challenging but good scenario. I liked it

  4. well, knowing you it should be a snap. there’s 14 questions, just treat it like a hoselay and use the booklet!! Let me know if you want your passing percentage posted!


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