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FireBridge Session2 – Rick Gobel,  DZIA – MedL From Jan 27th  

If you visit the FireBridge Session 2 post on the main page there is a Higher Definition video.



Problems with not factoring Fire Ground water supply infrastructure: Vids/RDTs and Fire.mp4

The main take away here is DO NOT place the Dip site so close to your fire that your helicopters run away from the water supply!


Video taken from the 155 Fire shortly after the NV-BMD BLM Fire staff had their Rapid Deployment Tanks delivered from Nedland Industries and finished.  If you are still using pumpkins, these are much better and can be setup by just 1 person.  A CAVEAT to these is to make sure you have your infrastructure in place!! Helicopters will suck these tanks dry in no time if you do not understand Fire Flow.  To take maximum advantage of these RDT’s you have to understand Fire Ground Hydraulics.

The video in the link here is taken myself from the 155 Fire in 2017. Vids/155RDTHelo.mp4  

Second Video: Vids/155 Fire Helo Dip 2.mp4



The following video link is on Tone Select, this is just a ‘quick n dirty’ on what it is and how it works on the user side of things, i’ll be working on a video showing the behind the scenes of what it is shortly.

Tone Select info:

In this video link above, I’m using the KNG-P150 Radio, the BK Legacy radios use a different method (as I’m describing) than the KNG’s.  The older BK DMH and GMH mobile radios use the same methods that i describe. The KNG radios you either select the tone from a menu item or programmed button that access’s a “Pick List” and you can switch tones on the fly that way. I personally like the older method of just punching in the tone you wanted by just hitting say a #2, or #15 on the microphone keypad and it was done.  The new KNG way of doing it, is a bit more cumbersome, but it is also more accurate in that you are shown the tone your selecting.  

Fire Nomograms (explaining what you can do with the Nomograms and the Fire Bridge Concept) 

The Firebridge Part 2:

The Concept of the Firebridge:

My Thoughts and Planning process on long wildland hose Relays.

(The video link above was done during the time assigned to the North Complex 2020)

Wildland Relays, A Perspective:

Engine, Pump & BTU Calculator:

Critical Lessons to Study for a Season with NO Engine Academy:

Jersey – CoVID19 – Infrastructure

Engineer Challenge Winner & Review of Submitted Answers:

Jersey and Dockery on the Engineers Challenge & Other topics:

Interview with “Jersey” 3, Foam & Cavitation:

Interview with “Jersey” Round 2:

Interview with “Jersey” – importance of Engineers and Hydraulics:

Wildland & Rural Pump Curves, PSI and Flow:

Properties of Water and BTU Part 1:

Properties of Water and BTU Part 2:

Number of Tenders required for Remote SEAT/Helicopter operations:

Cascade Fire Slide Rule & TRICK to use with combination nozzles:

Wildland Static Pressure Estimation:

Wildland Relay Pumping How to:

Required Knowledge and Interrelationships Part 1

Required Knowledge and Interrelationships Part 2

Required Knowledge and Interrelationships Part 3

Hoselay Calculation how to




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