Slink Fire 2020, Div T
Slink Fire 2020, Div T
Slink Fire 2020, DivLima, Lost Canyon
Slink Fire 2020 Lost Canyon

Slink Fire 2020
Slink Fire Myself in DZ 6816 behind DZ 2817 (Chandler NV-WID)
Slink Fire 2020 Lima
Firing Ops, Slink Fire 2020
Vol. Fire Company, Slink Fire 2020

Not all of the pics would have to be of Aircraft of Course.

Carpenter, 2013 – Maverick
Even the best of us can forget to close off the recirc when pumping foam. This on the High Park, 2012

Dozer Rehab on the Raven Fire.

Multi Dip Plumbing setup on the Bob Fire. Thinking ahead and pre planning and plumbing you can support multiple helo’s simultaneously this way and still use a single prime mover to keep all fed efficiently after providing for infrastructure first.

Another Design put together about 3 years ago now. The Rapid Deployment Tank.

Pilot Brian Thayer, Grand Canyon Helicopters 2017

This will be moved to a more appropriate page later on, however, its showing you what Discharge Cavitation looks like. This is normally caused when you’re wound up to limit and your flow is exceptionally low. We call this “Slipping” water. This is often caused by guys exceeding the pound gallon capacity or simply trying to shove to much water, up to much head, at to high of a RPM. What type of Gauge readings do you think you’d have with this type of Damage to your impeller?