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Below is a listing of useful tools that I have found that really provide allot of time saving to your ability to calculate things in the field.

Wildland Fire, Heavy Equipment (DZOP), EMS, Search and Rescue Training:

Black Pine Training offers up a whole assortment for Agencies, Contractors and Contract EMS providers. In fact for those involved with EMS and new to fire contracting and uncertain on just how the whole wildland fire camps are set up and operate, you can contact Rick at Black Pine Training and speak with him because they usually partner with Frontline EMS to provide the training camps, and, when you go through the program, you not only will know how to navigate a incident base camp, you will know what the paper work is supposed to look like as well. The camps are setup as an actual incident.

Those who sign up for the fire camps training receive an email with an actual resource order, this lists the location, date and time of your check in, then they learn to navigate to ground support for inspection, then if necessary to communications, supply, operations, etc.  This is a nice set up that I have actually assisted with and will testify that those who go through it have expressed a sincere appreciation because they are not overwhelmed or feeling lost and have no idea what to look for as they’ve seen others go through at major incident camps.  The folks that go through the course are taught that most camps are almost always laid out to provide a certain flow when navigating them.

Most camps provided by the Government, pending incident size, will also have mobile laundry and shower facilities. 



Other programs Black Pine provides range from as simple as RT-130’s, to a full S-130 courses, to Heavy Equipment Operations. Check them out at the following:  Call Rick at  Black Pine Training  


Fire Behavior Nomograms:  

Fire Behavior Nomograms are used for the estimation of Rate of Spread, (Btu/ft/sec), and measuring the total Btu per square foot. Also determining the fires flame lengths. The following is a Pdf of the Primary 13 fuel models. 

PDF File Below:


Instructions for Using Nomograms:


Retardant Agent:

Something interesting to keep on the Radar that I came across recently:   This looks rather promising and something that some out there may want to start looking at. 



Water Enhancers approved list:


Navigation Tools:

The most often used App that I have, is “Theodolite” by Hunter Research and Technology. I’ve used this for the past 6 + years now and will NOT do without it. This allows me to also use different map datums so that way I can have precise coordinates for whichever maps I or other firefighters may be using on the fireground(such as older NAD27 1:24,000 scale maps or even BLM 1:100,000 NAD83, or WGS84). This is important so that way I know when I give or receive a coordinate, its going to match up on the ground with what the other Firefighters is displaying and not be some 40 to 100 meters (or in feet under prefs) in error.


For Maps, Map plotting & Charting etc. I use Map Rulers for plotting a Lat n Long on a Map. You can get a complete set of USGS Map Rulers from and for the Benchmark Dispatch Map Books we use in Nevada, you’ll want to order a 1:280,000 scale map ruler. I personally have this as well as the USGS Set.

Also from Maptools consider getting yourself at least an 18″ cork backed ruler for plotting lines on the maps. I have a 12″ and a 24″ that I use. The 24″ ruler is especially handy when you want to GRID your maps with long continuous clean lines.


For the Ipad and Iphone, I use the GAIA GPS app, this has the past and current fire mapping, Township and Range for the PLSS, Satellite Overlays, and can record your track and then be uploaded to your account online when you get back into cell service. This app allows you to have map overlays and you can control the transparency of the overlays. Some Layers included are: Contour Lines – feet, Landscape, MapBox Streets HD, NatGeo Trails Illustrated, Open Street Map, Outdoors, PLSS Grid, Public Land (US), Public Land (Old Ver), Satellite, Satellite with labels, Wildfires (Current), Wildfires (US, Historical), USGS Topo, Shaded Relief (US). Even has US Hunting Maps.

The premium version is about $40.00 per year, and well worth the month in my opinion. I’ve never had an issue with the App or its accuracy and I have never experienced any down time. I have used this App since 2016.

Water Tools:

A handy chart of the Bambi Buckets produced by SEI Industries:


Husky Portable Catalog:

Husky Portable Tanks:

Husky Portable Tank Accessories:

National Fire Equipment Tanks:

Nedland Industries built RDT’s (Rapid Deployment Tanks) for Battle Mountain District BLM to the District Specs: These Tanks that NV-BMD use are actually modified EZ Rolloff Dumpsters that were modified by BMD fire staff. The Tanks that you see in the image below has rear open doors and an angled bottom portion. In the NV-BMD modified tanks there are NO rear doors and the sides are full length from bottom to top, i.e. no angled bottom:

Bell 212 on 155 Fire
Modified EZ Roll off Tank from Nedland Industries. NV-BMD RDT being used on the 155 Fire in Rural Nevada 2017.


The original Tanks were further modified to have two 4″ gate valves on each end with Camlock fittings. Then we added 4″ camlock to 2-1/2″ NH Thread Adapters/reducers that would support both 4″NH and 2 1/2″ NH (Hydrant) Thread. The Sides and Tops were also modified to make the tank “Helicopter” safe. Meaning there is NOTHING on these tanks where a bucket can hang up on. Inside or Out.

One of the First Prototypes being Tested on Rock Hill Fire in Nevada 2017, Grand Canyon Helicopters, B. Thayer, Pilot. This image shows the added sides to the top of the tank before we had a chance to paint them. The Sides are beveled so that a bucket will slide along and/or across the tank and not get hung up on anything. There is nothing Inside the tanks for a bucket to get hung up on either. 

This tank is able to be driven out to any location via the roll off trailer that Nedland Industries produces and can be setup by one person in as little as 5 – 10 minutes.  The tanks hold 6,000 Gallons to the top rim and have a 5,500 gallon useful capacity. 

To date the Districts that now have RDT’s are NV-BMD, NV-WID and NV-SND, BLM districts.


Nedland now has them as Roll Off Accessories: Call Dave at Nedland Industries for your Helo DipTtank and Trailer setup! The workmanship is outstanding and they’ve done extremely well to date without issue.


Roll-Off Trailer Accessories