Interview with Jersey, Round 2.

Always plan for the Worst scenario, when you do nothing but this type of planning, everything else becomes easier to deal with and less stressful. This goes with those that speak of “I don’t have time to do calculations”, yet we should be “pre planning” problem areas so when we get an incident in that area, its not a total surprise!

Just finished another interview/video with Chris Franek last night. We talked about many things including introducing the updated Q-Ref ver E4, that includes the information for performing field calculations for mass area ERC/BTU estimations. The public’s expectation on fire fighter competency and while discussing the demand that engineers know the “how to”, presenting the fact that calculations are not always a necessity.

Aspects discussed also covered the fact that Engineers that do not take the task of being an engineer seriously, can end up costing more money than necessary due to those in charge may be more inclined to over order resources for incidents that may not require the resources, however, once dispatched the cost is still real and hitting the taxpayer.

Talked a little about Australia just non specific as to the problems in that country.

Also talked about the aspect of having an abundant of resources, yet if those resources are not used correctly, it can be just as problematic as if you had no resources.

Talked again of folks that take hydraulics and heat absorbing calculations seriously, will begin to make different tactical decisions even if they don’t realize it, it will have a big impact on their in field capabilities. This led into Jersey introducing his familiarity with John “Jocko” Willink and can you relearn something you already know? Are you as good as you think you may be? do you know the terminology for the forces in the region you were just assigned to? etc.

Discussed the fact that while not everybody has the desire to be an engineer, they should at least understand the concept and the critical parts thereof.

The video is on the Youtube channel: Wildland Apparatus Engineer

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