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[Update 1-11-23] I now have the entire engineer course content created and uploaded. I am simply working on the test questions now. This again will be for a basic engineer course and nothing advanced. I will have separate question banks and courses for the Operator, Technician and Master levels later on and this is going to take time. Again, as of date there is no known Wildland Engineer program in existence to date that we know of.  

I do, however, have the ability to conduct testing at higher levels on any individual, just not on an online course level as of yet.


Folks, I’ve been busy this year. Lots of things going on in the background and one of those things is that I have been working on putting together (at the request of a few others) an Online Engineers Course. 

So with that, the 14 lessons that I have in my book will be the foundation of the course. There will be lesson tests, and then a final master test.  Now there will be a fee for the master test and once this is complete, you will be MAILED out a physical certificate of completion.  I have not yet decided on the number of questions, however, I am not concerned with that just yet. I have seen folks just toss out questions and that is not way to do it. Any question that is asked needs to not only be based upon the material to which folks have just read, it first and foremost needs to be based upon the real world environment and scenarios they’re likely to encounter, so this will be another couple weeks in the making and then it should be all rolled out. 


Now, I have had a couple of emails from folks already that knew I was doing this, asking about the course costs, and I am working on that right now however, I feel that the total cost of the course would end up around the $450.00 range, however, this is not etched in stone and may (or may not) change. What this fee would include is the 140 page printed book, the Cascade fire slide rule, a 80pg ruled note pad, and an Apparatus Engineer patches upon graduation of the course  (working on new ones) and includes the $115.00 fee for grading the test and reviewing your work. YES you would be required to scan and email me your actual chicken scratch showing me that it was in fact YOU figuring this stuff out. Anyone can create a program to grade based upon the correct selection of an answer out of a multiple choice, this does not mean that you TRULY KNOW the material. 

While there are still many in the wildland fire arena who do not feel this is important or in some circles even necessary, the results of the current standard courses and students versus the ability of WAE students will speak for itself. 

Any questions as always fee free to call text or email.



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