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Found a couple of things to fix in the Q-Ref. its updated and on the site and the Version number has NOT changed. The updates were on pages 8 and 12. Pg 8, an “underlining” was added to signify an importance to Flow Demand always dictates the number of Tenders Required regardless if its for aircraft, nozles or engines, etc. and this should make it easier to understand how to apply the formulas for field use.

Pg 12, I fixed an error in talking about the Engine Spacing calculating such for numbers of sections of hose. For Example, the spacing was based off of net pump discharge pressure and the friction loss per stick of hose. I showed a number of 200 psi minus the 10 psi inlet pressure = 190 psi. Then i said to take the 190 psi and divide by the single line friction loss of 15. I showed 190 psi / 15 psi FL = 12.6psi FL. The error is after the = sign. as its not showing you 12.6 PSI FL, but was intended to show you the number of sections of hose that could be stretched out for your spacing of 1250 feet.

The the correction is actually 190PSI Net Pump Discharge Pressure / 15 PSI FL per stick = Number of sticks that can be stretched out for the particular flow rate on level ground.

Lastly, Booklet has the updated contact information and website address.

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