RX Holding & Suppression

A Thermodynamic look

The pdf file I have written herein is very in-depth and to many may seem, un-necessary yet I wanted folks to understand that the reason this path was chosen was that there is absolutely zero training on fire ground thermo-dynamics and heat-related issues and how to solve these types of problems for the average wildland firefighter.

I purposely went into greater detail and explanation for this reason and will tell you that the math and the depth it is displayed here are completely unnecessary to be successful, however, for those interested and for times ahead those involved who want to have a better handle on what to order and how many and of what type etc., etc., this should provide the mechanism for them.
Lastly, there will be elements that will make such things difficult to achieve, however, even as this may be, the same thought process still must be carried out at some other point in time while engaged in that suppression activity. This should therefore be considered a tool like everything else that if you know what can be done, even though you may not be able to at that instant, recognize that at some point you will have the favorable conditions to which Sun Tzu talks about in the art of war to achieve such. As told in The Art of War, it is about recognizing or waiting for the opportunity to exploit the elements and terrain to be victorious against your opponent.

The major difference is that you first have to be educated enough of not just your opponents’ characteristics and to know when you can take advantage of those other elements, you have to be educated in yourself and your capabilities.


Elliptical Fire FM3-35acre


Joseph Moylan


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