WAE provides initial apparatus training for CVVFD

Had the opportunity to provide some initial hands on training to the CVVFD for their structure engine on March 12th and March 15th: Those involved had no prior knowledge of the structure engine and this was a good opportunity for them to get some initial hands on training for two full days on:

  • Spotting Hydrants
  • Hydrant connection and use
  • Laying 5″ LDH
  • Pump Engagement, initial flow
  • Relief Valve operation and Setting
  • Transfer from tank to hydrant pressure

These two days are the introduction phase and later dates will begin the phase of actual fire-ground hydraulics, pumping operations and the various types, series, relay, tandem, drafting etc.  Many are new to fire and totally unfamiliar with structure apparatus. Often new folks are intimidated by the panel. These two days were designed to provide operational familiarization. This was a hit for their department members.
















A very low intensity training day to provide familiarization.  

Joseph Moylan


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