Wildland Apparatus Engineers Patches

The Patches for the Base Level of Wildland Apparatus Engineer have been Ordered and now moving into production.

The design rendering is shown below. This is the original. Since this time I have hired a Graphic Artist, and a re design was completed. They are shown below the original concept image below:



4 Levels and a written exam that is based upon a combination of multiple choice, mathematics, and written explanation is required for all levels. Each level is Pass or Fail.  There is NO “good enough” answer that will fit the criteria that will get you a patch to show your achievement(s).


The re designed patches representing the 4 levels that are apart of what WAE teaches, the 4th level is comprising the FireBridge concept into the Heavy Equipment side as one level:

Mastery of the Apparatus Itself and all of the elements that would be mandatory for that level.

The Next or Second Level is having both the knowledge and skills for being able to provide un interrupted operations with the first or “Apparatus Level”, while now providing additional support for Helicopters and being able to demonstrate the KSA’s to design and develop and thus further implement that plan for additional un interrupted operations.



As with the First two levels, this  Third level, means that you would now be able to handle the previous two levels and add a third for SEATS at an remote un supported airstrip that is handling Multiple SEATS. Again, you must be able to factor in all of your prior operations and now add additional resources to your mix and again calculate the resource needs, capabilities and number required to maintain un interrupted flows.


This level now adds the additional complexities comprising heavy equipment operations and being able to calculate the required fuel to be removed for fire line construction by working with FBANs and fuel types so that you can determine the necessary blade widths, line lengths and the perpendicular path in front of the fire front that should be looked at for possible removal. This works in conjunction with FireBridge and being able to calculate LAT and VLAT load requirements again based upon HPA and ROS, Fire Altitude, and Water Temp.





Joseph Moylan


Please see the About me link on the wildfireengineer.com website.

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