Jersey Time!! Dec 30th 2021

Okay this coming next week on the 30th we’ll be having our telephone discussion with Jersey, Doc and we’ll have a 4th person joining us on that evening at 10pm Eastern Time.

The discussion as of now is on the Fire Bridge math, the new books and after that the sky is the limit on what we will talk about.

One thing I will let you all in on is the fact that according to some scientists we’re going to have a massive water event, followed up by a very serious period of NO RAIN or water for 2 years also followed by extreme temperatures and high winds. Since we have no way of determining if that is true, we’ll pretend it is and say okay, we’ve still got a job to do so how do we deal with that water show? sound simple? check out the upcoming video.

So if we have temperatures hot enough this will force density altitude off the chain, aircraft will be unable fly safely, and if the winds are to much, aircraft are grounded, and if there’s no local water available, then what? for those folks that are always so quick to pull the trigger and call in the air force you had better get it together because the time is coming you better know how to fight the fires!!

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Joseph Moylan

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