Hydraulics Book is Here

Just arrived, the 140 page book, wire bound, contains 99 pages of Lessons in hydraulics and then another 36 pages of formulas to give anyone the ability to quickly figure out and calculate what they’re resource needs will be for the particular task they’re about to engage in.

Regardless if you’re trying to supply Engines, a simple hoselay, a Tender shuttle operation for a Dip Site, or multiple SEATS at a Remote airfield or even supplying multiple Helicopters via a relay operation, the Wildland Apparatus Engineer, Lessons in Fire Hydraulics & Formulas Book will definitely enable you to complete your mission!

$15.60 ea. + tax and shipping

click on the “STORE” link above to purchase.

Remember, if you want the individual electronic items such as the pumping calculator, that is under the Calculator & Booklets link.




Joseph Moylan


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